Beschermd dorpsgezicht Easterein


Easterein is an attractive village located in the Greidhoeke. That is the part of Friesland that is known as the real countryside. Here you will find many farms and also total quietness.

Enjoy the silence sitting in the garden in the evening and discover how the bats fly around at dusk. And when it gets dark you will see the galaxy (if the sky is clear). And when you take a detour through the village, you may have a good chance to see and hear the Long-eared Owl. After that it is quiet and dark until the rooster wakes you in the morning.

The surroundings of Easterein are perfect for walking, cycling and boating.


There are 3 small hiking tours starting directly from the B&B. We find these idyllic especially in spring and summer. The cows are grazing on the farm land and the banks of the ditches are full of cow parsley and buttercups. In the water you will find all kinds of rare plants and of course many water lilies. The beautiful dark Frisian horses in the green grass complete the picture.

Walks in and around the village: Wandelkaart-Doarpsbelang

For those who like to walk longer distances, the Sint Odulphuspad (260 km) might be a nice option:


When combined, the walking routes are also easy to do by bicycle. In addition, there are many other beautiful cycling trips to be made, for example this 32 km long tour through the Greidhoeke. Bicycles can be rented in the vicinity of the B&B. For more information, we refer to:

Fietsroute door de Greidhoeke


For those who prefer to explore the area from the water, boat rentals are available near our B&B. Ask for what is possible.

Towns and villages

Besides the glorious landscape with its villages and traditional farms, Friesland is also known for its cities, full of historic buildings along the canals and warehouses showing the wealth of yesteryear. Bolsward, IJlst, Sneek, Franeker and Leeuwarden can be reached in 20 minutes by car. Harlingen, Hindelopen and Workum are a little further away. Stroll through the narrow streets and along the canals full of nice shops and enjoy a snack and drink in the cozy restaurants and cafes. Or visit a museum such as:

Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker:

Fries Museum in Leeuwarden:

Jopie Huisman Museum in Workum:

Fries Scheepvaart Museum in Sneek:

Patrician houses

Friesland is ook bekend om zijn adellijke woningen, states genoemd. Hoewel sommige nog privé eigendom zijn, worden ze toch opengesteld voor het publiek en rondleidingen verzorgd. Vaak zijn er prachtige tuinen en orangeriën aangelegd. Dekema State in Jelsum: Heringastate/Poptaslot in Marsum: